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  • Tan Candy® Watermelon Sugar Sweet Maximizer Cream

  • Hempz® Truly Mello™ Maximizer

  • Hempz® Beach Mode™ Dark Tanning Maximizer

  • Pure Grapeness™ Superior Tan Maximizer

  • ProTan® for Men™ Ultra Dark Maximizer

  • Cherry Bomb™ Hot Dark Tanning Maximizer

  • Honey Dew Hemp™ Dark Tanning Maximizer

  • Go to Black™ Incredible Dark Maximizer

  • Snooki® Get Real Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer

  • Hempz® HydroMax™ Ultra Dark Maximizer

  • Hempz® Hypoallergenic™ Dark Tan Maximizer

  • Hempz® My Happy Face™ Facial Maximizer

  • Hempz® Fantasy Island™ Dark Tan Maximizer

  • Flirty Mermaid™ Enchanted Skin Replenishing Maximizer

  • Hempz® Better Together™ Dual Use Intensifier

  • Tan Candy® Confetti Cake Gratifyingly Dark Maximizer