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  • Snooki® Sunshine & Shorelines Ultra Darkening Bronzer

  • Snooki® Mind • Body • Glo Refreshing Violet Based Bronzer

  • Snooki® Adios Beaches™ Hello Dark Bronzer

  • Snooki® Beaches Be Crazy™ Outrageous White Bronzer

  • Snooki® Bonfire on the Beach™ Hot Bronzer

  • Snooki® Ultra Dark 70x Black Bronzer

  • Snooki® Girl Boss Ultra Dark Black DD Bronzer

  • Snooki® Get Real Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer

  • Snooki® Bronze Shores Super Dark Bronzing Lotion

  • Snooki® My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion

  • Snooki® Ultra Dark Leg Bronzing Formula